Tips for a Winning Entry

All judging takes place on an online platform developed by BILD for the RenoMark Awards -GTA Program.

By following these tips you can ensure that you maximize your chances of success in the categories you choose to enter.


  • Ensure your digital photos meet the specifications below:
  • FEATURE PHOTO: Upload the photo you desire to be used by BILD to promote your entry. This photo counts toward your total maximum photo count for the entry.
  • RESOLUTION: 300 dpi with a maximum file size of 5 MB (print-ready quality). FORMAT: Only high-resolution .jpg or .png files are accepted.
  • ORIENTATION: Images may be vertical, horizontal, or square in orientation.
  • COLOUR: Images must be in colour (black-and-white, grayscale or sepia images will not be used). Images must not include layers or borders/frames.
  • All images must be anonymous – do not include people, logos, signage, or any identifying features in your images, unless specified in the category criteria.
  • Images may not be modified, enhanced, or distorted in any way (removing identifiable signage/people is permitted).
  • DO NOT submit renderings, photo collages or virtual furnishings/staging.
  • DO NOT add text or logo overlays on photos. These photos will be removed from judges consideration.
  • Images must be clear. Dusk/evening photography is permitted. NOTE: Judges must be able to see home details to accurately judge the entry.


  • Submit a selection of photos that are both vertical and horizontal in orientation. This allows your projects to potentially be used for a variety of media requests (different orientations/photo styles requested.)
  • When submitting a single project into multiple categories, try to include a variety of images between categories to address category criteria and showcase additional project features.
  • FOR RENOVATION CATEGORIES: “Before” and “after” photos taken from the same viewpoint are helpful for judges to visually assess the changes.


Photos are helpful to the judges, but what is equally important is how you describe your renovation project. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Respond to each criteria in detail in the provided text box. You will have space for 200-500 words for each. Take advantage of that and go deep in your description.
  • Bullet point answers are acceptable.
  • You may choose to prepare your text ahead of time in Word and then transfer to the tool.
  • Judges will compare the images and the text provided against the category criteria so make sure to address each of the criteria within your text responses.
  • Tell the project’s story – e.g., the unique nature, the specific requirements or demands, or how you overcame its challenges.
  • Please note that judges may review more than one category, so if you have multiple entries in more than one category avoid cutting and pasting text between multiple entries. This is especially true if you have more than one entry in the same category.
  • Make sure to proof read and check your entry prior to entry deadline.

Entries will not be able to be changed after the entry deadline date.


BILD will hold free training WEBINARS on how to complete an entry and how to use the online submission tool. For more information contact Tiffany Kohl at